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24Nov 2017
FSC certificated gift wrapping paper available

To protect our planet, we supply FSC certificated gift wrapping paper. The FSC certificated paper is from trees under management. Our customers could enjoy the gift wrapping pleasure without harming our environment. Come to check our earth-caring FSC gift wrapping paper.

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25Jul 2017
More eco-friendly gift wrapping paper printing system

With the growing concern of environments, our company also upgrades our printing system. Now, with the upgraded printing system, our customers can receive gift wrapping paper at the same bright and vivid coloring quality but less emission of population during the production procedures. We would like to contribute and protect our planet with consumers by providing more eco-friendly gift wrapping paper.

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16Jul 2016
Newest model of fully automatic converting machine for small roll gift wrapping paper

Converting machine built with latest technology for high speed gift wrapping paper converting.

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