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License and ODM Design Gift Wrapping Paper for Custom Projects

Gift wrapping paper printed with customers' own designs for custom projects.
Gift wrapping paper printed with customers' own designs for custom projects.

Chun Yu Plastic has been working on custom gift wrapping paper projects for Christmas holidays, wedding, license designs (Disney characters, Marvel Comics characters and Star Wars) and birthday parties. Come to check our various gift wrapping paper substrates for your own projects.

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  • Holographic Paper With Design Printed Gift Wrapping Paper - Printed Holographic Gift Wrapping Paper in Roll & Sheet
    Holographic Paper With Design Printed Gift Wrapping Paper

    Our holographic paper is real paper. User can tear the paper by hand. It is a scissors & knife free gift wrapping paper. Dazzling pattern silver holographic giftwrap printed with on-trend designs is perfect wrapping paper to decorate party items. Beautiful designs printed holographic giftwrap is prefect item to wrap presents, toys, cookies, candy, sweets, treats and homemade gifts. Hundreds of designs and patterns for baby, girls, boys, universal patterns and Christmas for your selection and give unique finish to your gifts. Dazzling holographic wrapping paper is great item for merry Christmas gift wrapping.We supply printed holographic giftwrap in rolls & sheets in various sizes, thickness and packaging. Send the sizes and thickness you need and we will satisfy your demand.

  • 80gsm Birthday Party Gift Wrapping Paper - Gift wrapping paper printed with party & celebration designs for your birthday gifts
    80gsm Birthday Party Gift Wrapping Paper

    We use paper from world leading paper mill to printing children & birthday gift wrapping paper.The coating of our children and birthday gift wrapping paper material is very fine. Our birthday gift wrapping paper printing quality achieves photographic standard.The paper is with good strength and stiffness and will not break easily. Users can wrap without stress of breaking paper.Paper is high whiteness. The high whiteness paper material brings saturated and bright colors to birthday gift wrapping paper. There is no yellowish or dirty look on our children gift wrapping paper.We have been printing custom-designs and licensed designs since 1996. We make about 300-500 customized designs every year.The photos of birthday gift wrapping paper in our website are actual mass production from orders we produce for customers. There is no special arrangement to make special quality holiday gift wrap for website.

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Chun Yu Plastic Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1996, is one of the bouquet sleeves | wrapping paper suppliers based in Taiwan.

FSC certified, trendy, and innovative wrapping paper including, wrapping papers and BOPP film bouquet sleeves for Christmas, kids birthday, gift wrapping and packaging. High transparent BOPP films for all wrapping purpose with a wide range of color selections and mass production. They also supply inexpensive and strong wrapping paper that is primarily used for packaging purposes.

Chun Yu has been delivering gift wrapping paper and BOPP film in plastic packaging industry since 1996, both with high-quality material and high production capability, Chun Yu ensures each client's needs are met.

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