Biodegradable CPP

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Biodegradable CPP

2022/06/20 Chun Yu

Chun Yu Plastic is happy to start supply of sustainable and environment friendlier type of material – Biodegradable CPP for flower sleeves to earth care of plant growers and shoppers.

Biodegradable CPP is plastic-based film contains additives which are enable the plastic to break down. Sleeves made of this type of film can be decomposed by living organisms including bacteria or fungi, with or without oxygen without any environmental impact.

Biodegradable CPP flower sleeves are suitable to pack potted plants, bouquets, living herbs and salad plants and available in any sizes and thicknesses and can be printed with customers’ own logos, trademarks and extra options like micro-holes, bottom seal and carry handles.

Inquiries are welcomed.

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