Our Team & Service

Chun Yu Plastic is the leading manufacturer of Gift Wrapping Paper, Flower Wrapping Paper, Fresh Flower Sleeves, Potted Plant and Herb Sleeves

Our Team & Service

Our Team

Chun Yu Plastic is a company formed with experienced people in printing and gift wrapping paper. The shareholders were working in printing industries before setting up the corporation. 2 of third employees have been working in the company since the company established in 1996 . Our sale representatives are trained with extensive knowledge about paper material, ink, designs, colors and packaging industry. We aim to assist our customers with solutions for special gift wrapping projects. We also receive total support of technology and knowledge from paper mill, ink and other material suppliers. Rich knowledge enables our team to come up with solutions and solve problems immediately. For these reasons, Chun Yu Plastic has been working on customized projects for customers for year. Our team is looking forward opportunities to serve your custom projects in the near future!

Our Service

We can satisfy customers' demands in many ways like jumbo rolls, counter rolls, small rolls and flat sheets.

For customers who own converting facility to make small rolls (consumer rolls, retail rolls), we can supply printed jumbo rolls in various sizes like 70cm wide x 10,000meter length rolls, 76cm wide x 10,000meter length rolls, 100cm wide x 10,000meter length rolls and etc.

For customers who need counter rolls (ream rolls), we can supply rolls in various sizes like 50cm wide x 50meter length roll, 60cm wide x 50meter length roll, 70cm wide x 100meter length roll, 30” wide x half ream roll, 30” wide x full ream roll and all other sizes stores may request.

For customers who need consumer rolls, retail rolls, we can supply rolls in various sizes like 70cm x 1meter, 70cm x 2meter, 70cm x 3meter, 76cm x 1meter, 76cm x 2meter and other sizes up on requests. We can supply gift wrapping paper rolls with shrink wrap, labels and color logo cartons depending on cases.

For customers who need flat sheets, we can supply sheets in various sizes like 50 x 70cm, 70 x 100cm and other sizes up on requests.

For customers who need flower sleeves, flower wrapping products, all substrates, sizes, printing and colors are available for your demand. We can print flower sleeves with farmers’ logo or growers’ names. .

We can do more ways and sizes than above lists. Please contact with our company and we will satisfy you. Our contact is Ms. Emma Hsu, Sales Manager. Email is service@wrapping.com.tw

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