commitment to take responsibility regarding social and environmental

commitment to take responsibility regarding social and environmental

photo of clean and well managed factory providing safe working evironment in Chun Yu Plastic
photo of clean and well managed factory providing safe working evironment in Chun Yu Plastic

Corporate social responsibility dedications
Chun Yu Plastic, located in a small country town in central Taiwan is supported by the local residents and aims to return the contributions and eliminate the carbon footprint with some examples.

Chun Yu Plastic is hiring as many workers as possible from the local or neighbor towns to create more job opportunities in the communities and cut down to carbon emission when employees don’t have to drive long distance to work.

Chun Yu Plastic is following government labor policies in regarding working conditions, wages, welfares and work hours. All workers are included in the insurance of health and safety by the company along with comfortable and clean workplace providing a worry-free environment so employees could focus on works.

Chun Yu Plastic is cooperating as many materials from local or nearby suppliers whom paying the same attention to labor rights as possible hoping to reduce the energy usage and delivery time from transportation and thrive community economy and boost employment together.

Chun Yu Plastic is purchasing paper, film, ink, paper cores and cartons from suppliers complying with government policies related in labor, environmental and international safety standards such as Rohs, SVHC and FDA as a responsible manufacturer of gift wrapping paper. Customers are welcomed to request safety reports.

Chun Yu Plastic is working with companies specialized in recycling damaged materials and useless ink in order to reduce, recycle and reuse and help eliminate the giftwrap industry waste. In the office, programs such as paperless, less ink printing selection, real dining wares, recycling bins, filter water supply station and are encouraged among employees to reduce the waste for a better conserving of our planet.

Chun Yu Plastic is audited and certified with SMETA guidelines as credit of employees’ welfare. Link of SADEX and SMETA is available upon request.

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Located in Taiwan since 1996, Chun Yu Plastic Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a global gift wrapping and flower wrapping paper supplier. Main products, including Gift Wrapping Paper, Flower Wrapping, Wrapping and Bouquet Sleeves. Gift and flower wrapping paper with top cut, air holes, vent-holes, hot-needles, micro-punch, bottom seal, name, logo and color and so forth.

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