Model No.: Snowflakes CPP Flower Packaging Sleeve 14

Model No.: Snowflakes CPP Flower Packaging Sleeve 14

CPP Flower Sleeves

CPP flower bags

White Snowflakes CPP Flower Sleeves is used to pack foliage plant
White Snowflakes CPP Flower Sleeves is used to pack foliage plant

Above picture is our product model no.: CPP Flower Packaging Sleeve 14 (with white snowflakes).

This is flower sleeve made of CPP film. CPP film is the short name of Cast Polypropylene film. The film is with high extension and strong sealing quality. Known as ideal material to pack flowers and plants.

The sleeve is with vent holes so flower or plants could breath. The film is low static. Dust will not dirty the sleeve to keep packaging clean in shops.

Floral shops can use this flower sleeve to pack bouquets for winter season.
Plants growers can use this flower sleeve to pack potted plants for protection during transportation.


  • Beautiful design printed
  • Strong sealing
  • Low static
  • Below is the drawing to present how to measure flower sleeve size

how you measure flower sleeve size

Sizes & Minimum Quantities

Flower Sleeve size
Sleeve is with vent holes for ventilation

Other material/designs/sizes/thickness are aviable upon request as we can produce flower sleeves
With your own design printed
With your farm/store/company logo printed
With Bottom seal
With hanging holes
With cardboard header
With Y shape finish
With micro-punched holes (hot needled mini holes)
With carry handle
Please contact with our company for your own sizes

Minimum Order

  • MInimum 50,000pcs
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    Flower bouquet sleeves is also called polypropylene flower sleeves, CPP flower bags, plant flower sleeves, plant sleeves, cut flower wrapping, herb sleeves. Featuring superior strong sealing, polypropylene flower bags offer complete protection to plants, flowers and herbs. Our CPP plant bags have outstanding, photographic level and high color saturation printing quality. Sleeves can be supplied with special specifications such as unique shapes, air holes, micro-punched holes, bottom seal, carry handle, customize top cut shape or other demands customer may need.Chun Yu Plastic is contracted factory to produce custom plant flower sleeves for world largest growers of roses, lilies and other flowers.

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Model No.: Snowflakes CPP Flower Packaging Sleeve 14 Manufacturer | Chun Yu

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