Model No. CYP08-EM059 Premium gift boxes metallic Christmas gift wrapping paper

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Model No. CYP08-EM059 Premium gift boxes metallic Christmas gift wrapping paper


60gram shiny gift boxes metallized Christmas gift wrapping paper

60gram shiny gift boxes metallized wrapping paper for Christmas gifts
60gram shiny gift boxes metallized wrapping paper for Christmas gifts

Chun Yu Plastic is delightfully to introduce premium metallic gift wrapping paper for Christmas presents wrappers. Metallized paper is good quality white paper plated with a thin layer of aluminum. It has a shiny silver surface and widely used for gift wrapping paper and DIY items.

Here are some nice features of metallic gift wrapping paper.
.Real paper type of gift wrapping paper.
.Not laminated plastic paper. It reduces the consumption and pollution of plastic
.High stiffness and strong paper strength type of paper. It doesn't rip during packaging.
.Eco-friendly and recyclable paper. FSC™-certified paper is available at requests.
.Photographic level printing quality

By using this real paper type of metallic paper, users don't need scissors or knifes to cut plastic film. Save time and reduce usage of plastic.

There are many colorful designs in glossy, shiny gold, silver, green, red and blue selected for Christmas, birthday and merry occasions.

Contact us for design collection and quotations.

Pictures from mass production

Real paper type of metallized paper
Our Christmas metallic gift wrapping paper can be torn by hand. No more scissors.

Photographic level printing quality
The printing quality of Christmas metallic gift wrapping paper achieves photographic standard

Factory open designs
Chun Yu provides wide collection of various metallic gift wrapping paper designs

Capability of custom projects
Chun Yu Plastic team members have been working in gift wrapping paper business for more than 10 years. We are capable to work on customized designs.

German made engraving machine
The engraving machine to make plates is from German. The accurate cells on cylinders are factor to reduce the spots and saturate colors on metallic gift wrapping paper.

Selected printer
We are the contracted printer to international famous metallic gift wrapping paper dealers such as Walmart, Hallmark, John Lewis, JC Penny, Mastermind Toys, Hema and more stores around the world.

More environment friendly production method
We are using more eco-friendly production method to print metallized gift wrapping paper to reduce the emission of harmful substances.

Social Compliance Audited Factory
Our company is in accord with Taiwan Labor Laws & Regulations and has obtained SGS Social Audit report.

FSC Certified Factory (FSC™ C108999)
Chun Yu Plastic has acquired FSC certificate to supply gift wrapping paper made of well-managed FSC™-certified forests and other controlled material

Photos of dazzling Christmas gift boxes wrapping paper in different colors.
Colors can be changed at request

Same material of different design patterns

Besides Christmas designs, there are also designs for Everyday, Birthday, Kids and Parties. Contact us for design photos

There are more Christmas designs. Contact us for photos.

Same patterns printed on different materials

If you like Christmas designs printed on different type of paper, below are a few popular materials for your selection.

There are other types of gift wrapping paper for your option.

Design Swatches

Visitors can download design swatches from “ECATALOGUE” on the website.
The designs on ECATALOGUE are only small part of our wide collection. Contact us for full catalogues.

Paper Weight & Thickness

  • 60gram metallic gift wrapping paper is available in 60gram. Other paper weights are possible.

Several popular sizes for reference

Here are some popular sizes for reference.

.50* 70cm
Other sizes at customer request

Retail/Consumer rolls
. 70cm*5meter
Other sizes at customer request

Counter/Ream rolls
.70cmx 50meter
Other sizes at customer request

Minimum Order

  • The minimum order amount is us$5,000 per order per shipment.
  • Less than US$5,000 orders are possible with extra charge to cover Taiwan domestic fees.

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